About Nonstop Women, LLC.

Nonstop Women LLC, is a women-owned business that partners with organizations to create diverse and inclusive teams and working environments. Organizations recognize that there is a strong business case for diversity: Diverse teams are more representative of an organization’s customer base and can leverage a variety of viewpoints and experiences which leads to effective problem-solving and decision-making, innovation and long-term profitability. However, the benefits of a diverse population are only realized when the environment is inclusive. Nonstop Women LLC. helps teams and organizations to transform and unlock the true competitive advantage of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

In addition to our organizational services, Nonstop Women LLC. serves professional women by providing convenient access to tools, training and coaching services to enable them to achieve their passion and purpose in both their professional and personal lives. These services develop leadership skills that are made practical and applicable while acknowledging gender as the context in the skill application. We are different from the competition because the content is based on real research and psychological theories, yet discussed in a practical, not academic manner. Our mission is to make this knowledge and skill development accessible to women both inside and outside of organizations.

What I have seen at many companies is that learning programs for women are for a select few, and typically once you are in a leadership position. I founded Nonstop Women so that all women have the access and ability to grow and develop. So that all women can find, pursue and achieve their passion and purpose. Not to a select few, who are lucky enough to attend a women's development program. So that all women, from the stay at home mom to the high-powered executive, can achieve what they want out of life!

About Dr. Renee

Before founding Nonstop WomenTM, I spent the last 15+ years using my doctorate in organizational psychology to help companies develop and grow their talent, especially their leaders. I have worked for several Fortune 100 companies creating leadership development programs; growing talent from early career right up to the C-suite.

Unlike many others who have only been consultants, I have been inside organizations, as an HR leader. I know what works and what is just a fad.  I have experienced first-hand, how the further up the corporate ladder you go, the fewer women you will see, for a variety of reasons.

My Personal Story

I spent a significant portion of my own career working very hard to climb the corporate ladder while being a full-time mom, with three young daughters under the age of 10. The idea for Nonstop WomenTM began in 2014. I was on an overseas business trip to deliver a senior leadership program, in partnership with the CEO. I took the last flight out, so I would have as much time as possible with my family. I then spent the next 2 days delivering the program for 10 hours during the day. I was also working all night on the department budget. I was exhausted and I felt guilty. Guilty - as I did with every business trip - as the full burden of juggling our young daughters fell to my husband. I had picked up the book "Overwhelmed" by Brigid Schulte in the airport before the trip. As I waited for the return flight home - reading the countless stories of women who, like me, were struggling and were feeling overwhelmed - came the initial idea for Nonstop WomenTM

Nonstop WomenTM would be a way to help me and other women like me, find a better way. I didn't want it to be just theory, but practical tools and tips that work for everyday women. For women that did not have the luxury of being in the upper echelon of society, but rather worked very hard and struggled every day. That great idea for Nonstop WomenTM slowly simmered on the back-burner, as I tried to advance my career forward, and climb the corporate ladder. 

Fast forward, 3 years and 2 promotions later, and I am offered my former manager's role - the executive position I always dreamed of and worked my entire career to achieve. In my mind, I had finally arrived at the place I had been working so hard to get to, for as long as I can remember. As I was told about the recognition of my hard work and the great expectations that they had for me in this new role; two thoughts came into my mind. 

First, was the enormous impact this job would have on my family. The role would take up a lot of time - more time away from my family, especially my girls. The second was that although this was a job grade change and a much larger role, there was no mention of salary. I thought that was very odd. I read the book "Women Don't Ask" years earlier, and knew the importance of women asking for and negotiating salary - so of course, I asked. I was nicely told not to worry or focus on that, they would "work it out". 

I will save you the suspense, it did not work out. This was the second promotion that I had received without a change in my take-home pay. It was the second time, I took over a role that a male colleague occupied prior, who was paid substantially more. The first time, I was mad, but I let it go, as I was told that the company was not doing well, and when we were doing better it would be adjusted. So I "leaned in" further, and took on even more visible projects, hoping for the recognition and the compensation that would come with it. And it came, that big promotion into an executive level role. I thought surely they would have to compensate me. Yet my Fortune 100 companies' response was, "You have to prove yourself in the role and once you do, we'll take care of you". 

I was asked to take on the same role my male predecessor had at 2.5x my salary, and they were unwilling to negotiate. They wouldn't discuss what "take care of me" in monetary terms was, and refused to even adjust my pay based on the prior promotion (for which I was never compensated). Keeping my emotions in check, I talked instead about pay equity and fair market value for the role, and I had the information to back it up. I did all the things that women are told on how to properly negotiate. 

In the end, I was told to take it or leave it, and resign with nothing. I know they thought I would take it, as I was the primary income source for our family, and I had young children. Less than 24 hours after their ultimatum, with the bitter realization that you can't negotiate with someone who is unwilling to negotiate - I resigned. I resigned with nothing but my pride, and the ability to look my daughters in the face. To be able to tell them to stand up and fight for what is right and what they deserve. 

What I didn't expect, was what happened next. It was a tremendous outpouring from women - powerful together women, who I greatly respected. They called me - said they were so proud of me, that I was so brave, and that they never could do, what I did. They shared their stories; several of them in tears, of the choices they made, the things that they put up with because they felt they had to. They felt they had no other choice. 

It was in that moment, in those stories, that Nonstop WomenTM moved from a great idea I had put on the back-burner, into a reality. In that moment, my own passion and purpose crystallized. 

I wanted to bring everything I have learned about human behavior and psychology, all my experience, from working inside Human Resources for so long, and everything that I taught leaders (mainly male leaders), to be successful, to help other women. I wanted to take my experience - my mistakes as well as my success, both personally and professionally, as well as what I have learned from others - and make it practical and accessible. 

What I have seen at many companies is that learning programs for women are for a select few, and typically once you are in a leadership position. That is a mistake!

My Mission

I founded Nonstop WomenTM so that all women have the access and ability to grow and develop. So that all women are able to find, pursue and achieve, their passion and purpose. 

Not to a select few, who are lucky enough to attend a women's development program, but so that all women, from the stay at home mom to the high powered executive, can achieve what they want out of life. 

The confidence that we have as children to take on the world, erodes in adulthood. Life is short and your potential is limitless! It moves at a nonstop pace! 

Like Ferris Bueller famously said, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it". At Nonstop WomenTM we don't want you to miss it.

We want to help you take on your world!




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