Struggling with The Juggling

work-life integration Feb 13, 2018

I, like many of you, have struggled to juggle all the "balls" that make up my life.  The "balls" include my children, my career, my husband, extended family, friends, time for me, etc.  On any given day, we juggle multiple balls and try to fit a wide variety of things in.  It is very hard, often thankless and at times seems completely overwhelming.  I am the mother of three lovely daughters and have a full-time career.  For years, I have tried very hard to "balance" my commitment to both my family and my career.  I have had to make tough choices, sacrifices, and compromises to try to maintain this "delicate balance".  But there was a time where there was no balance and I felt overwhelmed by my life and my routine.  I was not alone as millions of women struggle with "work-life balance" and many would characterize it as this feeling of being overwhelmed.

The first step in moving towards managing your career, your life, and your sanity is by...

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Never Enough Time: Take Control Over Your Calendar and Take Back Your Life and Sanity

work-life integration Jan 30, 2018

Being a working mom, one of the greatest struggles I’ve had is time. I have always felt that there was never enough time – not enough hours in the day, not enough of me to go around. From the second my alarm woke me in the morning, until the moment that I laid my head on the pillow at night, I felt like I was in a constant race against the clock. I was constantly trying to squeeze as many tasks as possible into as little time as possible. 

In the morning I would get myself ready for work, get my daughters ready for school, make breakfast, try to squeeze in another housework task like laundry or do the dishes; while also checking my phone, and responding to work emails. My morning felt nonstop before the work day even started, and my days and nights were no better.

I am not alone, as this describes the experience of many other working mothers that I know. We spend our days in a state of nonstop motion – going from task to task. We consider ourselves fortunate...

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The Work-Life Balance Myth and What To Do About It in 2018

work-life integration Jan 23, 2018

Work-Life balance is a myth. It is often portrayed as a scale, with one side for home and the other for work. Each side of the scale in perfect balance. I don’t know a single woman who feels she has work-life balance. Many people think of work and life as competing for our time. In this view, work often wins at the cost of our personal and family time.

The technology has made work and your personal life interconnected. The days of leaving work at the office at 5 o’clock, are long behind us. We can access our work and emails from anywhere, often just by glancing at our phone. Sometimes we work at home, in the grocery store, and at the soccer field. The idea of work-life balance – 50% of our time devoted to work and 50% devoted to our personal life – is a myth. Yet many of us, beat ourselves up, for not being able to achieve it. We need to start treating it as a myth and stop being so hard on ourselves when we can’t achieve it.

Let’s stop striving...

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